Crossing Paths

A Poetic Journey in 45 Days

Forty-Five Days of Inspirational Nature Poetry! A Nature Journal that will take you on a journey of spirituality, environmental ethics, nature observation and tracking, and climate change. 

These are the stories that nature tells. Meet the wild things and then listen to their mighty wisdom. This is the first book in the series.

Are you ready to experience your dive into the fascinating realm of ecology? Would you like to encounter flirtatious porcupines, elusive mountain lions, and enquiring bears? Rick Van de Poll is an accomplished ecologist, science writer, and poet who has experienced the nature world from a life transforming place.

Rick Van de Poll who has devoted his entire life to the service of the natural world invites you to experience his daily encounters with the wild things through his nature poetry. This poetry collection underscores the need for all of us to pay more attention to the natural ecosystems of the Earth. Every day for forty-five days, the author reflects on daily encounters with wild things.

Crossing Paths: A Poetic Journey in 45 Days is a sensitive and beautiful illustrated nature poetry book journaling the author’s experiences where he wrote one poem every day for 45 days

In Crossing Paths you’ll experience:

  • The remarkable diversity of life outdoors
  • A unique perspective of nature poetry
  • Develop a deep desire to go exploring
  • A different understanding of the ecosystem around you
  • And why it is important to make one choice and one decision each day

Crossing Paths will be a reminder that we shouldn’t every forget our responsibility as conscientious stewards of the planet.

Get Crossing Paths to experience life’s journey from the secret places of the natural world.

Inspiring! The author invites his readers to share his excitement about encounters with “wild things.” His poems and prose delight us with descriptions of the SO LOUD “wretched raucous recalcitrant reeling” of spring peepers, the headcheese quality of Conglomer-rock, the “fern compost soup” that drives our petroleum-fueled engines. And he inspires us to respect and care for the planet. I loved Crossing Paths and will read it again and again!

Betty Jo (Amazon Customer)

Each poem in this volume tells a story. These poems evoked many different emotions in me. There are poems here that had me laughing with glee (Spring Peepers is one of my favorites). There are poems here that made me sad. There are sacred poems, sweet poems, artsy poems – Rick runs a broad gamut with his verse. All are of our glorious Earth and the wondrous flora and fauna which call Her home. There are poems that introduced me to critters I had not previously met – or facets of them I had not previous contemplated. These poems enlivened many reflections in me about our wild lands. I had a thoroughly enjoyable journey through these poems. I am sure I will savor this volume many more times in the future.

Florence Gans (Amazon Customer)

As a former teacher I would recommend this book for any class library. Dr. Van de Poll not only uses great language to depict the beauty of our natural surroundings in his poetry, but also demonstrates the “teachable moment” after each episode. I especially appreciate the diversity of subjects from fairy shrimp to conglomerates to fantastic fungi. In our blinding, techno world “Crossing Paths” is a breath of the out doors with a message of hope.

Barry (Amazon Customer)


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