Crossing Higher Ground

Poetry From the Mountaintops

Poetry inspired by countless mountaintops. Fifty years of wandering yielded many a lesson from the ascent of high peaks and brought with it a perspective on humankind.

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Crossing Higher Ground

Poetry From the Mountain Tops

These are the stories that mountains tell. Discover the powerful messages from the poetry of the mountaintops. This is the second book in the series.

Are you ready to experience your view from the mountaintops? Would you like to encounter the freshness of the air, the vastness of the horizon, and the infinite silence that attends the high points? Rick Van de Poll is an accomplished ecologist, science writer, and poet who has felt the world fall away from beneath his feet for a moment.

He has witnessed as well as experienced the trials and tribulations of getting to the top of the mountains. Fifty years of wandering has yielded many a lesson from the ascent of high peaks and brought with it a perspective on humankind that would otherwise be missing from his life.

Crossing Higher Ground: Poetry from the Mountaintops is a sensitive and beautiful illustrated nature poetry book journaling the author’s experiences.

In Crossing Higher Ground you’ll discover:

  • How mountains become our teacher
  • How they force us to look beyond ourselves
  • How they remind us to not take life for granted
  • How they hold the secrets in their bones
  • And why they give up those secrets slowly, carefully, and intentionally

 Crossing Higher Ground will show you the mountaintop’s accounting of the passage of time and how they bear witness to every chapter of Earth’s history, and as such forces us to reflect upon the chapter that we as a species are living in today.

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